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For Sale By Owner - FSBO Multiple Listing Service

Basic Guidelines To Buying a House

When you make the decision to buy a house, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Here are some basic guidelines to buying a house.

Basic Guidelines To Buying a House

When most people think about buying a house, the immediately start envisioning how nice it will be to own the property, the life events that will occur there, how they can improve it to meet their tastes and so on. This is a natural tendency, but it is the wrong way to look at a house.

When purchasing a property, you need to ditch the emotions. It is time to be cold and calculating. Yes, the property will be part of your life for at least a few years, but you eventually are going to need to resell it. You want that sale to be at a profit. Sticking to these basic guidelines when buying a house will help you avoid a bad decision.

1. Do not purchase the most expensive house on the block. Try to purchase near the low end and upgrade. This will help you realize appreciation on your property and grab a nice slice of profit when selling.

2. Always try to buy in the best school district. This is true even if you do not have kids and have no intention of every having them. Remember, potential buyers of your property may very well have children and they will be looking in areas with good schools.

3. Whenever possible, try to stick to three or more bedroom properties. Yes, that two bedroom is cute, but most buyers are looking for something bigger. Again, we come back to the issue of kids.

4. Buy a newer house. The older a house, the more potential buyer's will be suspicious there is something wrong with the property. The only real exception to this is an older house that is unique or has been extensively remodeled.

5. Location, location, location. As if you did not know this one. It is the oldest cliché in real estate, but also the most accurate. Never, ever buy in a bad location. Always buy in the best location you can possible afford.

6. Go ahead and buy! Property prices fluctuate a bit, but property is always a good investment over time. Don't spend endless amounts of time waiting for the market to drop to some price level you have in mind. It may not.

Obviously, there are lots of issues that go into purchasing a house. If you stick to these basic guidelines, however, you should do fine.  Here is a very helpful guide to educate parents on the options available to them to help their children to purchase a home.  PARENTS GUIDE

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