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For Sale By Owner - FSBO Multiple Listing Service

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Home Buying

Home buying is a fundamental part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, realtors and lenders can often make home buying difficult. Home buying should be easy and we make it so with our nationwide database of homes for sale.     

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Home Buying


Enjoy working with a Realtor, but feel you are missing out on incredible home buying deals offered on for sale by owner properties? Now, you can see and buy fsbo properties, too. And, if you want to continue to work with your Realtor, you can just ask them to go with you and write up your contract offer to buy a home. If you feel comfortable "going it alone," you can go home buying yourself and save on commissions. It is your choice!

When you find a home on the realtor multiple listing service, you pay thousands of dollars to the broker who listed it. Is that really necessary? No. The Internet has changed everything about home buying.

When you find a home on, you pay absolutely nothing! Instead, the seller paid $25 to list their home for sale. This low fee gives the seller more elbow room to negotiate the price with you, so you can end up getting an incredible deal when you go home buying on our site. 

Home Buying - Click To See Homes


fsboamerica does not check the correctness of information about properties for sale posted on this site and is not a party to sales transactions.  Buyers & Sellers need to check all information that is important to them and are responsible for their own decisions.






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