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For Sale By Owner - FSBO Multiple Listing Service

Property Value Lookup

It is important to understand that the price listed for a home is not the true property value. This brings us to the subject of the property value lookup.

Property Value Lookup

Whether you are a seller or buyer, the price of a home is something that can be surprisingly difficult to evaluate. As a seller, you can never really be sure what the value of your home is without going through a costly appraisal or analyzing comparable homes in your area. As a buyer, you have no real idea of whether the pricing of the home by the seller is even remotely related to the actual value.

Although it usually costs from about $350 to $700 or so, getting an appraisal from a  certified home appraiser is often the best way to go.  If you don't want to spend the money a real estate agent will often do a market analysis for you free as an introduction to their service and capabilites.  This will also give you a good  figure for the asking price.  Just remember the agent wants a price at which he thinks he can sell your house.  Of course, you want it to sell, too.  Just evaluate his report carefully.

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