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Free Foreclosure Listings

The red hot real estate market of the early decade has collapsed. Searching through the vast array of free foreclosure listings available is the way to find incredible deals.

Foreclosure Listings

The turn of the century saw an aligning of stars of a sort in the real estate world. The cost of borrowing money was at historical lows. The lending practices of many lenders were, shall we say, a bit lax. The infamous no doc loan became prevalent as many lenders seemed to loan money with reckless abandon. Throw in hybrid loans that offered great terms up front, but turned into horrible deals after three to five years, and you had a real estate market that was living on the edge. Well, it has fallen over the edge.

The current real estate market is shaping up to be one of the all time buyer's markets. The reckless days of the hot real estate market are coming home to roost. Homeowners are defaulting right and left as interest rates increase, negative amortization becomes a fact of life and house values fall as new home inventory piles up.

So, what does this all mean for you and me? It means the golden age of foreclosure investing is underway and picking up steam. Just take a look at the following free foreclosure listings to see what I mean:

View Free Foreclosure Listings


Learn to invest in foreclosure properties for profit.  Educational opportunities:





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