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Goochland County, Virginia

In 1700-1701 Goochland, Virginia, was settled by over 300 French Huguenots on the south bank of the James River in King William Parish (ten thousand acres donated by King William III), Manakin, Goochland County, Virginia.

Cemetery at Dover Planation

Raynor and I find Goochland County history fascinating because we both have Huguenot ancestry.  Her family having descended from Bartholomew Dupuy and mine from Jacques Foucher another Huguenot that arrived in Goochland in 1700.  Raynor’s family married into the family of Dr. William Townes Walker who was born August 22, 1825.  He served in the Revolutionary War with the rank of Captain.  He had three daughters and four sons by his first wife.  He lived at Dover Plantation in Goochland County.  After his wife’s death, he married Mrs. Frances Bayly, a widow, and they had one daughter, Gulielma.  I well remember Raynor and I visiting her “Aunt Elma,” as she was known in the family.  She was very aristocratic and spoke with a very broad A.  Dr. Walker’s son (namesake, and also a doctor) Colonel William Townes Walker served in the Confederate army as Surgeon-in-Charge of the hospital at Huguenot Springs. Colonel Walker inherited Dover Plantation from his father-in-law.  Roughly annually our family makes a pilgrimage to the Dover Plantation Cemetery to clean up the place.  Here are some pictures:



John's Rank is Lieutenant Colonel now.




      VIEW OF CEMETARY                                      FAMILY HISTORY                                                   



Bill (Raynor’s brother, William Townes Walker Dunn) with the tombstone of his namesake.                                       


Huguenot Springs Hospital

The Hospital over which Colonel William Townes Walker presided at Hugenot Springs was not a happy place.  About the only pleasant happenings there were the kindnesses the doctors, nurses, and just local people gave to the sick and dying Confederate solders and their families.  About 250 soldiers died there and many have still not been identified.  Anyone interested in the late unpleasant war between the states who find themselves in the vacinity (Richmond, Virginia) should visit the memorial site.  Here are some pictures:

The resort that became Huguenot Springs Hospital


A little more of the history

Monument and flags

The family at Huguenot Springs Hospital Memorial Park


















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